At UCCAC, we believe that introducing children to the arts at an early age ignites their imagination and enhances all aspects of their lives, especially education.
Our Preschool Experience program introduces preschoolers to unique performances that entertain and educate. This year we are pleased to bring you Goldilocks and the Three Bearsperformed by Children’s Theatre of Charlotte.

Very, very lost and very, very hungry, Goldilocks finds a cottage deep in the woods. Realizing no one is inside, she decides to make herself at home. Her stomach growls when she finds three bowls of porridge waiting for her. There are even chairs to jump on and beds to sleep in! But the cottage’s residents are coming back, and they’re very, very hungry too. The three bears come home to find their porridge eaten, their chairs jumped on and their beds occupied! This funny, familiar fairy tale will have the preschoolers
 growling for more!

Performances will be held March6 – 7, 2017 at Wingate University Batte Center.

Preschool Experience
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