Emily French
Artist Category:
Artist Website Address: www.facebook.com/emmyeffdesigns
Artist Phone Number: 919-599-7887
Artist Email: emily@emmyeffdesigns.com
Faye Fulton
Artist Category: ,
Mediums: Literature, Poetry
Artist Website Address: www.facebook.com/faye.fulton.9
Artist Phone Number: 704-421-3220
Artist Email: FFulton50@gmail.com
Artist Category: ,
Mediums: Acting, Literature, Poetry
Short Artist Bio: I am a 19 year old Spoken Word Poet, writer, and all around theater guy. I graduated from union county early college in December and now i am a full time artist.
Artist Website Address: https://www.facebook.com/johnapsega
Artist Phone Number: 704-207-6426
Artist Email: japs8944@gmail.com
Judith R. Legg
Artist Category: , ,
Mediums: Painting
Artist Phone Number: 607-232-6031
Artist Email: Judith.legg@yahoo.com
Kristin Mitchell
Artist Category:
Mediums: Painting, Ceramics, Drawing
Short Artist Bio: I am a local artist who specializes in teaching painting on canvas and ceramics at my studio, ART BOX ceramics and canvas in downtown Waxhaw, NC.
Artist Website Address: Art Box Ceramics and Canvas
Artist Phone Number: 7049620913
Artist Email: artbykristin@yahoo.com
Lambeth W. Marshall
Artist Category:
Mediums: Ceramics, Pottery
Artist Website Address: http://www.lambethpottery.com
Artist Phone Number: 704-843-5060
Artist Email: lambethpottery@windstream.net
Linda Goodman
Mediums: Acting, Literature
Artist Website Address: https://www.facebook.com/lg00dman
Artist Phone Number: 804-687-6341
Artist Email: happytales@aol.com
Lorayn DeLuca
Mediums: Acting, Photography
Artist Website Address: http://www.mamalucamedia.com
Artist Phone Number: 704-962-6962
Artist Email: ldeluca52@gmail.com
Children\'s book illustration, watercolor & gouache
Artist Category:
Mediums: Painting, Fiber, Drawing
Short Artist Bio: I am a visual artist, visual literacy speaker, and arts educator with a background in illustration and graphic design.
Artist Phone Number: 7046505731
Artist Email: cre8good@gmail.com
Confidence 22,5 x 28.5 Mono Print
Artist Category:
Short Artist Bio: Educated with degrees in both Criminal Justice and Fine Arts I have found Art to be the cure for what ails my soul. Art has enabled me to overcome tragedy and loss by resolving through my art issues that would make others run and hide.
A member of the South Shore Art Center, Fuller Craft Museum and Monotype Guild of New England as well as a Board member of 4th Floor Artist, Gallery Coordinator for Gallery 4 located in Rockland MA and Project/Store Manager of Studio@ the Beach, member of Hull Art Association.
Artist Website Address: http://fb.me/Printmaker4life
Artist Phone Number: (617) 571-2622
Artist Email: mpagnani@comcastt.net
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