About Regional Artist Project Grants

Regional Artist Project Grants provide awards for individuals and groups of unincorporated artists to pursue projects that further enhance their artistic development.  The RAPG is open to eligible artists in all disciplines and provides an all or nothing grant of up to $2,000 to pay for one professional development or to purchase or rent one piece of equipment.

The Union County Community Arts Council recognizes that Union County has a strong arts community that can benefit from these grant funds. As an arts council, our goal is to assist artists by providing services and opportunities that help them evolve as artists.

For grant information, guidelines, and frequently asked questions, click here.
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2019 Regional Artist Project Grant Recipient

Josh Barkey was born in Lancaster, South Carolina and at six months moved to Peru, South America. After graduating high school in the Amazon he got an English degree at University in Canada, which he paid for by hand-planting roughly half a million trees on the cut blocks of British Columbia and Alberta. After a stint as an extra for TV and film, Josh moved back to North Carolina and started writing screenplays. To date he has had seven short films and one feature film produced.

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