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Vince’s Story

In 2011 my son, at the time in 3rd grade, was struggling with reading and
speech. One evening while reading a book together, I realized he could not
comprehend what he was reading , nor could he verbalize his ideas. I
grabbed my guitar and began making up silly songs based on the story we
had just read. To my surprise not only did he find this extremely funny, but
he was also able to remember certain details of the story that previously
eluded him. Two weeks later, I came across a documentary on Public
Television about scientist helping people with disabilities ranging from
Cerebral Palsy to sensory disorder using music. I immediately thaught of
my son and our song writing exercises and it’s benefits. The next day I
contacted Dr. Rebecca Engen of the Music Therapy Department at Queens
University and soon after began studying music therapy. I have since
studied college level music theory and music performance at various
instiutions in jazz and classical music. My focus is include performing for
senior citizens, children and teaching instrumental lessons and music


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